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You want to develop an organisational culture of togetherness versus competitive conflict? You want to evaluate the impact of your projects? You want to achieve a new kind of effective communication? You want to improve your teamwork? You want a modern and empowering leadership style? You want to deal with new realities and demands using change? And you want to benefit from diversity, in terms of improved gender, multi-generational and intercultural collaboration?

Then you are at the right place here at SD-Consult!

Have you heard about the Gallup survey “Engagement Index 2014”? It shows that 85 percent of all employees in Germany go to work every day without a feeling of true responsibility; 70 percent have an uninspired ‘business as usual’ or ‘clock-puncher’ approach, and 15 percent have already mentally terminated their contracts and even incur sabotage costs going into billions of dollars. These results can be transferred to many other countries. Why does this happen?

Organisational culture: a lack of openness, feedback and cooperation. Projects: missing 360-degree view. Communication and team problems: no we-feeling, openness to dialogue, and solution-oriented attitude. Leadership problems: a lack of appreciation and staff empowerment lead to reduced motivation, stress, and costs. Change: employees are not on-boarded and block. Diversity (intercultural, generational, and gender issues): no systematic approach.

The term “learning organisation” is already old, but not yet implemented. The term “project impact” is not quite as old, but often not applied. The term “cooperation” is really old, but not properly implemented. The term “inclusive leadership” is a little newer, but is very often not yet a reality. The term “change” still has a big negative connotation. And, okay, the term “diversity” really is pretty new, but its enormous potentials are not being tapped and leveraged.

Your organisational processes and your happiness and success are very much linked to your employees and your leadership. SD-Consult supports you in all of your activities related to human resource and organisational development. We can help you move ahead with concepts, training, coaching, and advice for individuals or groups. Our work can be modular or interdisciplinary, but always tailored to your specific needs. And your ROI is guaranteed because we help you generate lasting attitudes, competencies, processes, and structures.

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